Tim Perlstein

Group VP, Strategy

I lead the strategy practice within Razorfish’s central region. We’re a small-but-mighty consulting team dedicated to helping clients use digital to maximize business performance, unlock new growth opportunities and — where needed — drive fundamental transformation of business, marketing and organizational models.

It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Fortunately, we like to solve hard problems — the harder the better. We like big-picture thinking, rigorous planning and basic arithmetic done exceptionally well. (Preferably with charts.)

I feel lucky to be part of this talented team and fortunate to have worked with, and within, so many other terrific organizations. Prior to Razorfish, Yahoo! let me play two completely different roles: one focused on customer-centric innovation, the other on the tactics of online marketing. At Knight Ridder Digital (remember newspapers?), we tried to save American journalism through better online ad products (and very nearly succeeded).

I seem to have an affinity for highly disrupted industries and companies — which these days is pretty much all of them — and have worked deeply across media, retail, financial services, high tech and consumer goods sectors. In past lives, I’ve been a marketing director, product manager, copywriter and editor — and in the very early days, even a Webmaster, community manager and HTML coder. If there’s a digital job to do, I’ve probably done it at some point... or learned a lot from someone who has.

Speaking of learning: I earned my MBA from Stanford and a BA in Art History from Harvard (senior thesis on Tibetan thangka paintings). All of which, believe it or not, has been relevant in some way to my current work in digital strategy.

To find out more, come look me up in Austin, Tex., where I can usually be found hanging out by the pool with my wife and son... planning for the future while still very much enjoying the messy, ambiguous, disrupted present.