Thomas Sudassy

Media Research and Publisher Relations

Duke Ellington delighted in saying, “Music is my mistress,” and I share his sentiment. From the days of brandishing a Sony Walkman II as a teenager, to hosting radio shows today, I’m enthralled with the lasting impressions and lessons of music. The constant evolution of music draws upon the past and present to create the ideas of the future.

These same qualities are what have attracted me to digital media and research for the past 11 years. I thrive in fostering relationships with the most popular of publishers to promising startups to ensure our clients get the best service and opportunities. And I constantly roam the research landscape for best-in-class partners and products that will provide our teams and clients insights for new ideas and confidence to execute on them.

You can catch me on LinkedIn or occasionally hosting one of the Saturday Latin shows on KBCS 91.3 FM, in Seattle, Washington.