Ray Velez

Global Chief Technology Officer

When I wrote my first basic program on my Atari 800 I was hooked; I’ve been spending time with computers ever since. I studied computer science and philosophy at Boston University, looking to bring the answered and unanswered together. The thing that keeps it exciting is that it’s constantly changing and always fresh. That’s something I’ve always loved about this business, and something that’s certainly growing at a faster pace than ever before.

As the global chief technology officer for Razorfish, I manage the agency’s capabilities in Web technology architecture and development, overseeing all of the company’s technologists. A core part of this role involves looking to the community for collaboration, and I’m consistently amazed by technologies like good old message boards and wikis. (In fact, I was fortunate to help Razorfish build our internal, award-winning wiki.)

My professional experience has been in the application development life cycle, from inception to rollout, working with clients ranging from Citibank to Ford Motor Company to the National Football League (NFL). Most recently, I was the startup CTO in Razorfish’s role as incubation partner for Bundle, a personal finance start-up. I also enjoy training and creating curriculums, and recently led the development of the Razorfish Agile Process. I’ve been in the industry for close to 20 years, having worked previously at Cambridge Technology Partners and Scient.

Anything outdoors is my passion, whether biking, skiing or hiking with the family. Over the years I’ve enjoyed mountain bike and ski racing, and was fortunate to ride across Costa Rica in La Ruta de Los Conquistadores. I also find the DIY culture very inspiring; I’m looking forward to hacking some Arduino with my son someday soon.