Pete Stein

President, East

I have always believed that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That belief, along with a thirst for exploration, has guided my decisions throughout life.

When I found the Internet, I knew that my affinity for being on high performing teams would be satisfied. This is a business where technologists and marketers, creatives and project managers, math geniuses and account people all must come together to crack codes and solve riddles. Creating an environment where the best ideas can rise from the mosh pit is part art and part science — and always interesting.

As for that thirst for exploration, I’ll never forget my first encounter with the Spyglass browser in 1995 — it was love at first sight. I knew that the browser would open a whole new world and luckily for me, it keeps on changing. Every few years, the playing field dramatically shifts, and to succeed you need to completely re-orient yourself.

As the president of the east for Razorfish, I am lucky to be able to tap into my passions every day. I’m surrounded by talented people who share my belief in the power of collaboration. We get to work with some incredible brands like Mercedes-Benz USA, Unilever’s Axe, Citibank, Starwood and Ford Motor Company — brands that have all embraced winning through digital.

You can find me on LinkedIn or on Twitter. And on the weekends you can find me coaching the power of team play to one of my kids’ sports teams.