Jonathan Hull

VP, Emerging Experiences

I like the word “ass.”

I try to work it into every conversation I have. “That’s bad-ass,” “That was a cool-ass experience,” or one of my favorites, “Oh, that tastes like ass.”

My first couple of jobs after getting my undergraduate degree were in big-ass IT consulting — Oracle and IBM Global Services. I love technology and was riding the crazy-ass IT train of the 90s but something was lacking — the human element. The question then changed from, “What can people do with computers?” to, “What can computers do for people?”

So I took a break from databases, app servers and integration architectures to get my MBA. Upon graduation I switched my focus to interactive marketing and joined Razorfish to ride the .com wave.

Having survived the dumb-asses responsible for the .bomb era I moved past the browser a few years back and refocused on immersive digital experiences. Why? Because the nature of the Web is device agnostic; a primary value proposition is to serve up exactly the same experience across any device. The problem was I like the technical gadgetry and gizmo-ness of devices almost as much as saying the word “ass.”

As vice president of emerging experiences (EE) at Razorfish I lead one of the most innovative teams within any agency. We’re a cross-functional team of strategists, designers and technologists. The EE team is constantly looking at new technologies, devices and digital design paradigms. But while we love research and development, we also keep it real. The biggest impact we’re making is helping our clients get immersive digital experiences into the market. We get to work with the best people and the best clients in the world — it’s simply kick-ass.