Chris Bowler

VP, Social Media

I believe social media doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s really just about being you — And that goes for brands and businesses, too. The key is to offer something of value that others will respond to and share.

I started my own version of social media a dozen years ago, with a Web site that inspires others to create their own bucket lists — the milestones and activities one wants to complete before they die. On the passion scale, this goes straight to the top. Today, check out my blog and daily tweets here.

I bring this same fervor to my everyday work and believe that each client has something valuable to share that can also make a difference. Whether simply to provide some fun, offer a “deal” or provide a valued service, the key is to find the elements that make a true connection.

At Razorfish, I lead our clients forward in ever-evolving social media channels — 85 percent of the time, this is acting as a cheerleader/evangelist/therapist/trailblazer to drive idea development and test-and-learn programs. This all started way-back-when with online services like AOL and Prodigy, whose first online ad campaigns I launched, and later, on the burgeoning Internet, where I introduced the first new product launch for a major appliance company. (What can I say, I like being the first.)

My background is in media. I started in offline advertising with Campbell Mithun in Minneapolis, before jumping into the digital pool at, where I led the digital media and search engine marketing practice. And occasionally, I’ve talked about my circuitous experience at industry conferences such as SXSW, ad:tech and WOMMA.

When I’m not working, I run. Nine marathons — so far. But running a marathon is just one of those bucket list items many of us have on our list of things to do before we die. I’ll ask you if I get a chance: What’s on yours?