Basel Salloum

Group VP, Technology

When I first arrived in America 24 years ago, one of my primary goals was to become a “computer expert,” so I followed the logical path of academia and set out to receive a BS in computer science from Northeastern University. My “professional career” began during my first year of college, when I held various senior positions in the fast food industry that ranged from baking bread to restocking bars. However, during my second year as an undergraduate, I landed a job as an associate software engineer, coding kernel-level programs using my least favorite programming language: assembly. This changed everything.

Soon after, I worked as a software engineer at Sybase, and then made the leap from the product side to the service side by joining Cambridge Technology Partners as a technology architect. There, I designed and built a number of transactional client server- and web-based systems before joining Scient as a senior technology architect, helping companies join the digital movement.

The path from Scient to Razorfish can be traced to mergers and acquisitions where I played various roles from technology director to discipline lead to vice president of technology to my present role.

As for my hobbies (and what’s a bio without hobbies?), I hit the mountain biking trails whenever I can. I also enjoy honing my driving (and sometimes racing) skills on the weekend while transporting my kids to their many activities on time (something that requires a great deal of precise event planning and time coordination — and often negotiation).