Adam Heimlich

VP, Search and Performance Marketing

I love to make the line on the chart go up and to the right. It’s fun, it’s rewarding and sometimes the power that comes from being able to do it for clients brings a chance to make the world just a little bit more awesome.

As vice president of search and performance marketing in New York, I’m fortunate to lead part of the world’s greatest marketing team (if you measure by results): Razorfish Search. Check us out at

I joined the agency in 2006 to help tackle the challenge of servicing Capital One. Previously I’d learned digital marketing at smaller agencies and a startup. Before that I spent a decade in print, mostly newspapers. At Razorfish, I’ve been a member of the Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, T. Rowe Price, Schering-Plough, Forest Laboratories, Starwood and ADT teams. I enjoy the beginning of campaigns, when we’re establishing relationships and identifying problems, as well as the mature stages, after the easy problems are solved and we rely on the strength of relationships to help brands adapt and not just adjust to the digital realm. (Like they said in the commercial — You’re soaking in it.)

In Razorfish’s New York office, I’m active in trying to cultivate a learning environment, not only because it makes our people better, but also because it seems to be the best way to market nowadays. The most popular course I designed is “Search & Sips,” a consulting/wine appreciation course based on McLuhan’s theory of “Total Involvement” and my personal belief in wine as media. It’s very nearly as pretentious as it sounds.

When I’m not obsessively optimizing, I enjoy bicycling, traveling, cooking and otherwise partaking in the futuristic, global village lifestyle of Planet Brooklyn. It’s the next media capital — mark my words.